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Bespoke tailoring is an art that goes beyond clothing; it involves creating a masterpiece that truly reflects your individual style and personality. We explore the art and craftsmanship behind bespoke tailoring, shedding light on the meticulous process that goes into crafting exceptional one-of-a-kind garments designed to withstand the passage of time.

The process of creating a bespoke garment involves several key steps


Selecting Fabric

Renkhoe Jordan has a carefully curated house collection of fabrics to choose from, alongside an extensive range of fabrics from some of the finest weavers around the globe. We will assist you to select a fabric suited to your budget and the occasion. 

We stock Zegna Ermenegildo, Drago Lanificio in Biella, Amadeus, Holland and Sherry, Loro Piana, Piacenza, Vitale Barberis, Fox Brother 1772, Huddersfield Textiles, Lanificio Di Marzoni, Harrison 1863, Alumo, and many more.

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Style and Fit

Garment fit preferences and customisation options are discussed in great detail to ensure you “own” the look we construct.

Individual choices are made regarding the detail of each garment, from the fabric and lining to the finer details of buttons, lapels, contrasting, pockets, monograms, and cuffs.




Our experienced outfitters take over 30 measurements to ensure a perfect fit.



Creating the Garment

Our garments are made by hand through every stage of construction. All custom jackets are made with canvased interfacing to ensure structure, drape, and longevity. Full and half canvas construction is available. Canvased garments last longer, breathe better, and allow for more natural movement.

Our tailors initially create a pattern derived from the 30 plus measurements recorded. Chalking around the pattern is followed by hand cutting, after which the finer craft of stitching the various elements of the garment together and completing the custom touches produces a finished product you will cherish in your wardrobe for years to come.



Quality Control

Once custom garments are completed, we carefully inspect every detail to ensure everything has been made to your exact specifications. 



The Reveal/First Fitting

The time taken from the initial consultation to the first fitting is typically 4 to 6 weeks. In the case of an urgent request we can facilitate a faster turnaround for you.

Your first fitting will be with one of our team members to check for fit and evaluate all aspects of the garment. Any required alterations will be completed by our tailor. 



Final Fitting

Once your alterations have been completed, we will schedule a final appointment for you to try on and collect your garment, together with a Renkhoe Jordan suit bag and hanger. Enjoy your high quality bespoke garment for years to come.